Flat Stanley Explores Chicago with Illinois Autism Partnership

Our Illinois Autism Partnership (IAP) took part in an initiative called The Flat Stanley Project that encourages reading and exposes young children to different places and cultures, The project centers on the beloved children’s book character Flat Stanley who was created by Author Jeff Brown as a bedtime story for his son who wondered what would happen if his bulletin board fell and flattened him in his sleep. From that wondering, Flat Stanley was born and his adventures have been delighting kids and families for generations.

To take part in the Flat Stanley Project, schools make their own Flat Stanley paper figures and mail them to other schools or friends around the globe. The receiver then takes photos (or writes a journal or story) with Flat Stanley at different local sites and attractions and mails them back.

Here in Chicago, IAP got Flat Stanley from friends all the way from Monongah Elementary School in West Virginia! IAP wasted no time showing Flat Stanley, along with his new best friend Bernedoodle Frankie, the best of the Windy City! IAP developed a special story detailing Frankie and Stanley’s exciting Chicago adventures to send back to our elementary school friends in West Virginia. Check it out.

Published by Easterseals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford

Easterseals serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford serves nearly 30,000 clients annually and proudly employs 600+ dedicated professionals in programs across the Chicagoland and Rockford regions of Illinois. Established in 1936, we support children, individuals with disabilities, and their families through two pillars of work: Comprehensive Autism and Behavioral Services and Early Learning and Developmental Services

2 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Explores Chicago with Illinois Autism Partnership

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this project. The story was wonderful and I enjoyed all the photos. I can’t wait to share this story and the wonderful photos with my 1st and 3rd graders when they get home from school. Great job!


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